Tennis Court     11:30 am - 12:30 pm        $195/Spring Semester

We will divide the students to different groups (beginning, intermediate, and advance) based on their age or skill. Each group will have 6~8 students. 1) For beginners, we will teach them the basic form (push, drive, pick up and backspin) on forehand and backhand. We will also teach them how to serve and the tennis rules. 2) For intermediate students, we teach them tennis form, tactics, gaming strategies, and serve improvements. 3) For advance students, we will organize them for round robin tournaments plus individual skill coaching and evaluations. Students will play against the ball machine and each other. We will have mini tournament activities.

我们将根据学生的年龄或技能将学生分为不同的组(开始,中间网球和提前)。 每组将有 8~12 名学生。 1)对于初学者,我们将教他们正手和反手的基本形式(推,驱,拾,后旋)。 我们还将教他们正确的发球和接球规则。 2)对于中级学生,我们教他们网球形式,战术,游戏策略和服务改进; 3)对于高级学生,我们将组织他们进行循环赛和个人技能指导以及评估。 学生将会与发球机对弈。 我们还将举办小型锦标赛活动。

Skill Level: Beginner