Room H-107     3:30 pm - 4:30 pm.    $195/Spring Semester     

The class teaches students the basic principles and skills of drawing and cultivates children's interest in drawing, including step by step instructions. The course uses drawing materials edited by the teacher based on his years of teaching experience. All textbooks are accompanied with detailed drawing steps and will be provided to the students in the class. The teaching content includes how to draw animals, landscapes, objects, and human etc. and to grasp techniques such as composition, sketching, and coloring. Class assignments must be turned in at the beginning of each class for review.

本课程主要教教授基本的绘画原理和技能,培养孩子的绘画兴趣,课程由简单到复杂,逐序渐进。课程采用教师根据多年教学经验编辑的绘画教材,所有教材都配有详细的绘画步骤演示。每堂课的教材和绘画纸张在上课时发给学生。教授的内容包括如何画动物、风景、静物和人物等,穿插讲授构图、素描、色彩等技巧。每堂课都有课堂作业, 作业必须在下节课时交给教师讲评。

Skill Level: Beginner